Apr 11, 2009

solid “Hansei” and solid plan

“Hansei” is one of Japanese culture which maybe is difficult to understand for non Japanese. ( no good direct translation in English)

If I am not afraid you may misunderstand, “Hansei” in Salaryman world is usually to just pretend “ I was wrong”, because real “Hansei” should be done in only each individual mind. The other is satisfied to hear this. (I don’t understand, though).

The difference between “Hansei” and “Review” is “Hansei” includes “regret” “I am sorry” or ”I am wrong, please forgive me”, such nuance.

“Hansei” tends to create the backward-looking posture and easily to prevent employee from making the positive new aggressive plan for future. The reason why it takes long time to make the plan is they are very afraid they need to make Hansei after their execution.

“Nemawashi” is one of Japanese business culture in the 4th frame, . “Nemawashi” is the consensus-building process before official meeting. Generally speaking, Japanese is weak to mention their opinion in many people like official meeting, even he/she is leader to have responsibility in the meeting. Therefore Nemawashi is necessity to them before the official meeting to make them mention their opinion. Without Nemawashi, sometimes it is difficult to get the approval in the official meeting because they who have responsibility to decide may feel frustration not to ask their honest question and finally they can not reach the well understand tragically.

Here is original manga in Japanese.

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